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Tricky Magic - Special Edition Hardback PRE-ORDER

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This pre-order is going to be a limited run and will feature:

  • Exclusive new covers with never before seen Elizianna artwork on the other side
  • Stunning foiled hardbacks
  • Digitally printed edges
  • Beautiful end sheets
  • Black chapter art 🖤
  • Hand signed and personalized
  • My undying love

PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase any products outside of the special editions THEY WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL AFTER MAY


Will these match your original Tricky Magic special edition?

Yes! The size and spines will be the same as your original copy, and the Tricky Princess copy will look great on your shelves. I’ve added a new Tricky Magic special edition that has the new manuscript because, why not?


Do you ship internationally?

I do, but the prices are steep. I would love to offer free shipping but I cannot. You can find discount codes in my Patreon or sometimes in my newsletters.

When will they ship?

My goal is sometime in late May. I know that is a while but with the pre-order being open for a month, production taking another month, then shipping taking as long as it does, it is all I can do.

When can I see the final product?

I will slowly roll out the foil, edges, and final design as we get closer to the pre-order end date. The gifts that come with these books will be revealed at a later date.