About L.L.

L.L. Campbell is the author of the best selling Tricky Magic Series. A fantasy romance that has trickster witches, shadow daddies, and a whole lot of spice. 

When she isn’t writing, reading, or helping other authors with marketing magic, you can find her walking around her small town with her forever-fiancé, Chris, and their two rescue dogs, Gatah and Sasha. 

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  • Astrology

    Sun: Scorpio
    Moon: Virgo
    Rising: Taurus

  • Spouse

    The best!

    "He calms my chaos and I feed his fire. We are a match made
    between heaven and hell."

    —Nicole Lyons

  • Funny Fact

    I broke both my arms when I was a kid from a rogue twig while riding a razor scooter. This prompted a news story that warned parents of the danger of the hottest Christmas gift.