Tricky Magic Manuscript Update

Tricky Magic Manuscript Update

The new version of Tricky Magic is finally out and ready to purchase on Amazon. Before I show you how to make sure you have the right version and what I changed if you don’t want to read…Let me answer a couple other questions.

Q: When will you have hardbacks of Tricky Magic for sale?
A: It’s in the works now. But know the cost will be high as I go through Ingram and the price is ridiculous.

Q: What is your plan with KU?
A: Tricky Magic will be on KU through September 1st. Then it will get pulled down for a month or two to give those who don’t use Amazon a chance to read the new version.

I don’t have a plan for Tricky Princess to go on KU right away. Once it’s on KU, then the ebook can only be purchased through Amazon.

Q: Will you have the new version created into a special edition?
A: I’m not sure. I still have stock of the old version. If that runs out and there is a need for it, then I will order more.

Q: When will you have Tricky Princess special editions?
A: My goal is to have the pre-order up by the holiday’s

Now to download the new version. You or whoever runs your Amazon account should have received an email…if not it’s fine. But this is what it looks like.

When you get to the “Manage Your Content and Devices” you will want to find Tricky Magic.
Click on “Update Available”
If you’re okay with this note, click update.
You can now go to your device to see if it took. I had to remove my download in order to get the newest one. Once you have something downloaded, check the copyright page.
That’s all!

Now for what I changed. Last chance to avoid any spoilers.

Overall changes are line edits throughout and a set style to carry over through the whole series. The book lost about 6,000 words.


Gone, cut it down and inserted the dream into a later chapter.

Chapter 1:

We start with her reading with Josh. It has a new angle that I absolutely love.

Isaac comes in along her walk home and we don’t like it. We learn more about the council here and Ellea learns about some vampire attacks going on.

Hector got removed.

Chapter 2:

Starts with a smutty dream about a man she doesn’t recognize. But she feels safe in it, almost free.

Things continue on as it did before. She ends up also having her bad dream, uncle arrives in the morning, they talk about it and do their workout.

Chapter 3:

Phone call with the boys the night before and then brunch the next day. Not too much changes but her need to separate is cemented more.

Chapter 4:

The party…a bit has changed in this chapter and the next.

Isaac is being sneaky but not in the original way.

Sybil’s vision is the same.

Belias got cut.

Chapter 5:

The dancing was cut (seemed like too much).

She still does that thing to Isadora but there are underlining consequences now.

The foursome got cut in half.

Isaac still sucks and there is still a fight.

Chapter 6:

Everything is the same except two things.

Ellea starts to remember her dream with the guy she doesn’t know and uses it to calm her erratic magic.

The second fight with Isaac leads to her magic exploding and her Uncle get’s caught in the crosshairs.

This gives her more purpose to leave, especially when Isaac tells the council what happened and they come looking for her. But now that her uncle isn’t mad he still tells her to go.

Chapter 7: Rosier’s first chapter 🙂

The only change is he discusses a curse with the creepy cousins. One we will learn a lot about in book 2. This is also sprinkled throughout.

Chapter 8:

When Ellea first sees Ros in the store, she contemplates if he was from her dream.

Chapter 9:

Remember how Ellea’s uncle gets injured? Ros leaves the store with a paper with the headline:

‘Council Member’s Son Injured in Crazy Accident — His Niece is to Blame’

He puts it together and now has more of a reason to be concerned about her.

This is the end of the major changes. Everything else is clean up, grammar, spelling, and stronger plot lines.

Thank you all so much for being amazing! I hope you enjoy the new version.
xo Lexi

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